Making Mommy-Daughter Time

With the abundance of changes we’ve got going on with this first month of school and some exciting things happening in Hail Marry land (which we teased Monday, too. Information is coming, I promise!), it’s easy to lose time and to forget to carve out specific moments with Little Miss. In order to prevent that, here are my thoughts on making Mommy-Daughter time in your busy week!

1. The Morning Cuddle

I wake her up juuuuuust a few minutes early, have her come to my bed, and we cuddle while talking about her dreams from the night or things she’s looking forward to that day.

2. The “You Plan the Menu”

On a whim, I took Little Miss grocery shopping for dinner one night and had her plan the meal. Then she helped me prepare it. We had ham, green beans, carrots, and salad, if you were wondering, and it was delicious!

3. The Breakfast Date

This is one of my favorites, because it kills two birds with one stone! It helps her move and get ready on time, and we get to spend time together. We set a time goal to be ready and leave the house early, then we go and grab breakfast before school. Sometimes in the fall, it even includes a very tiny PSL for Little Miss. 

Have you tried any of these? How do you mommas make time for your kiddos during the busy school year? 

Patriot Day: a Reflection 

Patriot Day. Did you know that today has been celebrated as such since 2002, on the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001? Did you realize it’s been sixteen years?!

My Experience

I remember this day so vividly. I was a junior in high school, heading from my Pre-AP Physics fifth period class to my APAl US History class. My friend, Kristen, met me to walk together to class and said, with an almost chuckle, “An airplane hit one of the buildings in New York.”

I  was still trying to process her statement when I walked into the classroom. The TV was on, displaying billowing smoke from one of the towers and a plane sticking out of it. Our eyes were glued to the screen. Just as the bell rang, we watched is disbelief as the second plane crashed into the second tower. 

The classes were 90 minutes long. This one will always stick out in my mind as the longest class. We opened our textbooks, attempting to determine why today,  not realizing the significance of 911. Then we kept hearing about Dulles Airport on the news, but we heard Dallas and began to freak out in that teenage way, because many of our families were employed at DFW International Airport.

We were learning about the American Revolution, and our teacher silently typed an outline, printed them, turned them into transparencies, and asked that we copy them down. It was surreal.

A Teacher

In 2007, I became a teacher. At that time, my students still remembered the day. We had excellent conversations and created a mural on the board as a memorial; something I continued to do until 2011, on the 10th anniversary, when I taught fifth grade social studies.  

At that point, the students no longer remembered it, and many weren’t yet born. 

As a Parent

Little Miss loves museums. One that we frequent had a piece of one tower on display and she stared at it, eyes aghast at the thought that it once looked like a normal piece of building steel. I should say that I now work in the steel industry, so she is aware of what beams and columns are meant to look like. Immediately, Superman and I were inundated with questions about the day. I recounted my memories, as above. 

Superman said, instead, “You know, honey, I actually went on a date that night.” Little Miss asked if he was scared. He replied, “Not really. I mean, it was horrible and tragic, don’t get me wrong, but I know that God is in control of this world, so there was no sense in being fearful.”

Out of the mouth of my wise husband, ladies and gents.

He’s SO right. 


I’ve been thinking lately about how I struggle to feel like I have everything under control. 

It isn’t my world to control. 

Yesterday in the homily, Fr. Eugene spoke of natural disasters and how it is our practical Christian life to reach out and help these evacuees. He also added, however, that we cannot live in fear of it happening to us as well. He said, “Don’t worry about it. Just make sure that you’re with Jesus and living the life you’re called to as a Christian.”

Amen to that! 

So are you worried? Anxious? Already freaking out about the holidays? 

Listen to Fr. Eugene.

Don’t worry about it. Just make sure that you’re with Jesus and living the life you’re called to as a Christian.


P.S. We’d love to hear your memories on this day, as well as your tips for weaning control from yourself and living the Christian life. 

Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

On this day where we all take off work, we wanted to say that we hope your extra day is spent with family and friends in the best of ways.

We are still spent from back-to-school, extracurriculars, life, and some exciting things going on in the land of Hail Marry, so…we’re going to take this week off.

Catch us back here next Monday for more great content and then, next Friday, the triumphant return of the FIAT: Faith in All Things podcast after a mini-break, a podcast, and this week’s break!

Blessings to you and yours this week!

FIAT: Faith in All Things…Our Childhoods

We’re feeling semi-refreshed after last week’s break and are excited to be back with you today! As always, happy Friday! And a First Friday at that!

Today in the podcast, we chat about our childhoods. Every now and again, and especially now that the weather is cooler, we like to stroll down memory lane. So grab a cup of Joe (or whatever name you call your beverage) and join us!

If the media player doesn’t load, please click here to download/stream the episode from Libsyn or subscribe on iTunes here

Kristi & Rachel

5 Things: Autumn

Hey, lovelies! Today we’re coming at you really quickly for a “Five Things” post. A “Five Things” post is one where we share five things that we love about a given topic. Today, we talk about all things fall! Let’s start with the name of the season: autumn. It’s just about one of the nicest names for a season I could possibly think of.

  1. PUMPKINS: Seriously, Kristi loves pumpkins like they’re going out of style. The colors, the shapes, the taste…Rachel and Kristi are huge fans of the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte!) and all things pumpkin pie, although we’ve yet to convince Bridgette.
  2. BOOTS, SCARVES, & SWEATERS: You’re feelin’ us on this, right? They’re so cozy and comfy, and pretty much anyone looks adorable in them. You know you’re with us, counting down the days.
  3. THE WEATHER: We’re Texas girls, so that means that it’s gonna stay in the mid-70s to mid-80s until about Halloween, but the cooler weather is usually a welcome reprieve from the 100+ weather we’ve had for the preceding four months (although this summer was unusually mild for Texas).
  4. SO MUCH TO DO: Every church and school and daycare in our area chooses the fall to have awesome craft fairs, pumpkin patches, festivals. There’s so much free fun to be had out there. We love it!
  5. HOLIDAYS: For two of us, our anniversaries fall in the fall. Kristi will be celebrating her first anniversary with her hubby in October and Rachel and the Scientist will share their third anniversary in November. Plus there’s Superman’s birthday, Halloween, All Saint’s Day, and Thanksgiving…

In anticipation of the autumn that we’re ALL ready for, we’ve made some cute printables! Click the links below to download!

What are your favorite things about the fall?