Summertime is special in my little world. Little Miss came into the world in the middle of it and it’s my birthday season, too. I also love that it’s less scheduled than the rest of the seasons (although, fall is my favorite).

This summer has been a whirlwind. While still absolutely less scheduled than our recent spring, we’ve had a lot of (good) things come up that mean exciting things for our family. 

I’ve just realized, thiugh, that summer is winding down. We’re at the one month mark and back to school is looming. 

Here’s how we’re going to usher summertime out with a bang!

1. The Great Denoy Cook-off: We love cooking and we love food shows (especially The Great British Bake-Off), so Fridays will turn into family time in the kitchen cooking together, followed by eating while watching TGBBO.

2. Snuggle and Read: We’re using downtime to snuggle on the couch and read aloud as a family.

3. Play! We like dolls, light Saber battles, and trips to the park.

What’s your end-of-summer recipe for memory-making?

FIAT: Faith in All Things Family Organization

Hello, friends! Welcome to this edition of FIAT!

In today’s podcast, we wrap up our podcast series on Building Your Family Culture. You can catch the other podcasts in this series here:

To close us out on this series, we’re chatting about organization. Let us know what your tips are! Next week we tackle the topic of sleep!

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Have an awesome weekend and week!

Love is Patient

​”Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” ~ 1 Corinithians 13:4-7

This verse came up in conversation this week when talking and praying with some other Christian moms. One lady said she didn’t want to pray for patience because, well we all know how that goes. Then the other lady in our small group brought up this verse. Look at the first three words – love is patient. Our priest spoke on this on Sunday and took it a step further – if you are impatient, you are unloving.

He then went on to say say that patience is a form of faith. It’s telling God that you trust in Him and know that He is bigger than the situation or struggle. It’s asking Jesus when you are beginning to lose it, “What do You want me to learn from this? What is most important right now?” Father asked us in these situations to then try and see things from the other person’s point of view. 

That Sunday morning I was in a rush to get everyone out the door. I know I was being impatient. My Sweet Boy did not understand or want to get ready to go to church, but we wanted to get there early or at least on time for once. He wanted to stay home and play with us, just be at home with the people he loves most. But instead of listening to him, helping him, and loving him, I was in a rush to get out the door and I don’t really think any of us got to church in good spirits. 

Father reminded us of the story of Lazarus. Imagine how hard it was for Mary and Martha for be waiting for Jesus to come and heal their brother. But these two holy women had such heroic love for Jesus and their brother and that when Our Lord arrived, by all appearances too late, they did not scold Him, but instead we read in John 11 that  “Martha said to Jesus, ‘Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. And even now I know that whatever you ask from God, God will give you.’” She had faith that Jesus could do for her brother what no one else could. Just because we are in a rush, doesn’t mean that God is. He always arrives precisely when He intends to.

Love is patient. When we are patient with our kids, our spouse, our boss, the other drivers stuck in traffic with us, or anyone else, we are being love in this world that teaches us to only think about ourselves. Patience is a form of faith that God is Who He says He is, and is truly in control. 

Health, Fitness, and God

Who may go up the mountain of the LORD?
Who can stand in his holy place?
“The clean of hand and pure of heart,
who has not given his soul to useless things,
what is vain.
He will receive blessings from the LORD,
and justice from his saving God.”  ~ Psalms 24:3-5

Recently I sat in on a talk about health and fitness. Which is funny because I am currently in a fitness challenge group with some Facebook friends and I’m having mixed success with it. The speaker was Rachael Gilbert – a fitness instructor, blogger, and mom – and she shared about her journey through neglect, then obsession, then freedom. I could relate to some of her story as I’ve oscillated between neglect and obsession, but haven’t really found freedom, yet.

But one thing she said that really caught my attention was about looking at fitness in three layers – a submitted heart, a sound mind, and a strong body.

What does it mean to have a “submitted heart?” Matthew 7:21 says, “‘Not everyone who says to me, “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven‘” (emphasis mine). Having a submitted heart means being someone who does the will of God and does not choose to go against Him in vanity or pride. Instead of just praying and going to church on Sunday, a person with a submitted heart will entrust all their daily dealings to Our Father and follow the guiding of the Holy Spirit in their heart.

How does this relate, though, to fitness? Well. How often do we pray about our diet? How often do we ask God what He thinks about or body, or why He gave us the body He did? Maybe you are better at this than I am, but I certainly don’t talk to God about those things. Not that I’m ashamed to, or don’t think He belongs there. Maybe I just think He has bigger fish to fry than the number on my bathroom scale or on the clothes I wear.

As a dancer I have a certain body type I aspire to, but that is just not the body He gave me. That ideal is certainly not the body I have now after having two beautiful, big baby boys. My goal right now is to lose ALL my baby weight and I am working on it, but I haven’t stopped to think about what God wants me to do, or how He wants me to lose it. I know God is bringing me back to dancing, which is a God promise faithfully fulfilled, but what should I be focusing on to bring Him glory through this journey? Is it macros and workouts? Is it fresh foods and actively playing with my kids? Lots of prayer and discernment and truly listening and paying attention will answer this I’m sure.

What do you need to take to God today?
How can you submit your heart to God in your life?


FIAT: Faith in All Things…Family Budget

It’s been an insane few weeks! I can almost see a light at the tunnel, though!

In today’s podcast, we continue our podcast series on Building Your Family Culture. You can catch the other podcasts in this series here:

Today we discuss the family budget. We know that it might not seem related to your family culture, but it really is.

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We’ll catch you later!