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Daily Archives: May 12, 2017

FIAT: Faith in All Things Mother’s Day Edition

This week on the blog, in honor of moms the world over (and coinciding with Mother’s Day on Sunday), we’ve been focusing on that awesome part of our vocation as wives: motherhood.

On Monday, Kristi opened up about reaching the breaking point and realigning her family vision with their actual family goals. Tuesday had Rachel ordered on pregnancy bed rest for the rest of the month. Then on Wednesday, Kristi was back with a post about how easy it sometimes can be to become the mom we all swore we’d never be.

FIAT: Faith in All Things Mother’s Day Edition

In today’s special Mother’s Day Edition of FIAT: Faith in All Things, Kristi gets to hang out with her mom, Cindy, for a chat and a sing-along! The duo chats about pregnancy, raising kids, and lullabies.


Mother's Day
Mother-Daughter Collage Love (left) Kristi & Cindy in the Waco Sunlight (top right) Also in Waco (bottom right) Moscato at Kristi’s engagement party nearly a year ago

Grab your beverage of choice (Mother’s Day mimosa, anyone?) and hang out with Kristi & Cindy for about 15 minutes.

If the media player doesn’t load, please click here to download the podcast or subscribe and listen anytime on iTunes!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms (both spiritual and literal)!

Kristi & Rachel