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Daily Archives: August 9, 2017

Edel: a Photo Review 

Bridgette and Kristi spent the weekend in Austin at the lovely Edel Gathering and met tons of cool women, ate good food, and heard inspiring words. Here’s a photo snippet from the weekend!

It started with an appearance on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show on Sirius XM The Catholic Channel. Picture courtesy of Hallie Lord! 

Then the ladies embarked on the short journey to the car in order to check into their AirBnB. There was an umbrella…in the car…so our ladies got caught up in a small summer rain. Fun times!

The next morning Bridgette took a SoulCore class and Kristi caught coffee with some new friends (including the ladies behind One Hail Mary at a Time and A Gentle Mother). Then they met up for brunch with Bridgette’s sister. This was snapped just before registration. 

Kristi had to snap a picture with Hallie per the request of Little Miss. Side bar: Hallie is one cool lady.

The conference ended with a dinner where Bridgette was a table hostess. Then the karaoke and dancing began…

Here our fearless ladies take the stage to wow the crowd 1993 Salt-n-Pepa style with “Shoop.” They were actually told by a couple of ladies that their charisms were blogging and karaoke! 

Hallie had to stop Bridgette to tell her how much she enjoyed the performance. Jen missed it.

Why, yes. That is Bridgette…dancing…in the middle if circle surrounded by women cheering her on. The lady has some mad dance skills. This is her grooving to “Uptown Funk.”