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Daily Archives: October 30, 2017

Hallowtide at Home

Hey, guys!

We’re fortunate to interact with a ton of other bloggers here at Hail Marry, and we’ve been given quite the education on Hallowtide (also called Hallowmas).

Didn’t know that was a thing? Us, either.

It’s the three days of Halloween, All Saint’s Day, and All Soul’s Day.

We haven’t really focused on these as a family in our domestic church in the past, but this year we’re planning to.


We’re fans of trick-or-treating and church festivals, so we let Little Miss choose our activity. This year, we’re serving Paleo pumpkin chili and then heading out to our parish for an event.

All Saint’s Day

We’ll begin our festivities with Mass as a family. For dinner, we are making Crock-Pot chicken and veggies, with each veggie being *representative* of a saint. Our veggies are carrots (St. Isidore the Farmer), whole mushrooms (which look just enough like eyeballs to represent St. Lucy), and cabbage (Sts. Patrick and Brigit). We are eating leftover anniversary cake for dessert (for St. Zenobius, on whose feast we were married). We’ll share a bit about each of the saints while we eat. Then we’ll pray a family litany of saints, including our patron and Confirmation saints and those saints who represent family.

All Soul’s Day
This is new for us, for sure.

We’re eating hamburgers for dinner (Burgatory!) and will create an All Soul’s candle. To do this, we bought a tall pillar candle in a clear, glass case from Target. We drew a cross on it and wrote the names of departed family and friends,  as well as the souls in Purgatory.

We’ll light the candle each night of November at dinner, pray for them all by name, and then begin dinner. We’re also going to watch Corpse Bride because it’s fun and kid-friendly and is about life and death.

How do you celebrate Hallowtide at home?