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Daily Archives: January 3, 2018

2018 Goals

Last year we hit 2017 running with a list of our personal resolutions. We saw some of them come to fruition and some of them gather dust. Well…resolutions for 2018 are due, so to speak, and there we both were, clueless.

Clueless & Overwhelmed

The last month of 2017 was crazy (did you notice with our lack of posts and podcasts?!). From “how to spend the holiday” squabbles to recurrent sickness, our heads weren’t in the game. 

We knew that this post deadline was looming, but we had zero energy. No headspace for it, either. We tend to, as a society, take on more than we can handle and then scratch our heads in utter confusion that we dropped a ball somewhere. We, as individuals, are no different.

Then it hit us.

A crazy, totally out-there idea: pick only ONE thing.


I want my prayer life to change radically. 

This past Advent, my dear husband and I did an online retreat organized by Annie and John-Paul of PrayMoreNovenas. Side bar, they do a Lenten one, too, and…yes. Just go ahead and plan on it as a part of Lent 2018.

One video, “Back to Basics, Part One,” really spoke to me. The speaker was John Leonetti and he was so on fire for the Lord. His topic was how to get everlasting happiness that is based on God. Many of his examples were of the saints, and he mainly focused on their prayer life.He went on to say that our purpose is to strive to be holy amd saintlike. From his research on the lives of the saints, he came up with four ways to pray, intentionally with God

  • Pray every day.
  • Find one spot to be your prayer spot.
  • Set time aside to pray.
  • Be still and in God’s presence.

My resolution this year is to make time for God and use it in the best way I can; striving to be holy and live my life according to the Lord’s will rather than my own.


I want to slow down and be intentional. No, that’s not it. I need to slow down and be intentional. My family needs it.

Since my first solo post on this blog about being intentional for Advent, I’ve sought this goal. Thus far, it’s been somewhat unattainable. 

I cannot be the wife and mother (soon to two beautiful girls!) God is calling me to be if I have no energy because we’re being run ragged any more than I can drive my car somewhere on an empty tank.

With all things in 2018, from extracurricular activities to hanging out with family and friends to volunteer commitments, I will discern and say no if that is the answer that best serves my family. And I will not feel guilty.

This will leave more space for prayer, for the domestic church, and for family time.