5 Quick Prayers

I would love to approach summer similarly to Rachel, but I am a working mom with a working husband and a child out of school. We have two summer birthdays in our family, a family reunion, and a list of things to accomplish before the school year, so…we do it a little differently. 

We’re a bit busy. It isn’t the frenetic pace of the school year with a ton of commitments, but my work schedule is a little different in the summer and we don’t end to travel, so it is its own brand of busy. 

Sometimes 5:00 comes and catches me unaware. Other times the days and weeks seem to stretch in the way that only a summer day can. So how do I find time to pray in this season of relaxed busyness?



Prayer is a conversation between myself and my God. The Creator, the Redeemer, the Father, the Paraclete. I can’t sacrifice this part of my relationship. I may not always have time for a marathon gab-session with God, but a little chat to check in works really well to keep those communication lines open, too.

Quick Prayer

Here are 5 quick prayers I turn to for busy days…well…four quick prayers and a fun prayer suggestion.

  1. Glory Be The beauty of this prayer is its simplicity. It’s short, yes, but saying it reminds us that all glory is for God and that he has been here for all time. We also recall that he is the way to eternal life. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
  2. A Prayer of Thanksgiving & Petition for My Husband Chances are he’s got a busy day, too. As a wife, one goal is to help your husband get to Heaven. Praying for him as he crosses your mind is a great way to do this. Thinking about that terrible Hawaiian shirt he wore yesterday? Lord, thank you for my husband and his confidence. Please help him to grow in confidence through a complete trust in you.
  3. Simple Thanks Sometimes it’s just nice to hear thank you. Take a quick two seconds and just say Thank you, Jesus.
  4. Sing Along St. Augustine said that singing is praying twice. Crank up some praise and worship music, some hymns, or some VBS song that’s stuck in your head when you’re in the car…or doing dishes…or making dinner. It’s fun and it’s praying twice.
  5. When Washing Your Hands We’ve been told that washing your hands for a full 60 seconds best kills germs, right? Begin praying at the start and you’ve logged a minute of God time, which can add up. God, as I wash my hands, I’m reminded of how you washed away my sins with your sacrifice and my baptism. Help me to lead others away from the dirt of sin and to you, the great cleanser and doctor of the soul. Amen.

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  1. Anni Harry | 19th Jun 17

    Oohh! I like the washing your hands prayer! Now, to remember it while one’s hands are wet… 🤔😂

    Seriously, these are all great prayers! Thank you for sharing. 😊

  2. sewmanywildthings | 19th Jun 17

    Love that hand washing prayer!!

  3. tojesussincerely | 19th Jun 17

    I love praying for your husband when you think of his lousy fashion sense haha – prayer for his confidence? perfect!

    • Hail Marry Blog | 19th Jun 17

      Hahaha, that may or may not have been based on Sunday’s shirt of choice…

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