5 Ways to Celebrate Advent & the Christmas Season

Advent and Christmas is here and all is calm in my household. This is my favorite time of the year, the waiting, the anticipation, and the solemn focus on our Lord and Savior. The advent and Christmas season is always a growing process for me. I had such different ideas from a child, to a teenager, to a young adult, to my late 20’s, until today. Each Year I seem to add and grow my outlook on the Advent and Christmas Season. I love to prepare for the biggest birthday party in the world. I decorate, bake, shop, visit family and friends all for the coming of Our Lord. During the season I love to do all my favorite activities, here are my top 5.

My Advent Wreath
  1. Advent Baskets

Advent Baskets could be filled with a number of things depending the ages of your household. We keep the basket out all season long so that we can share and have joy waiting for our Savior to come and celebrate when he is here. I have a mixture of games, Paper Doll Nativity Sets, Color Sheets, Prayer Journals, Holy Stationery, and Advent Books.


Nativity Bingo

Christmas Dominoes

Advent Pear Tree to Pear Tree, same rules as Apples to Apples (download the Pear Tree to Pear Tree Nouns here and the Pear Tree to Pear Tree Adjectives here to play at home)

                Paper Doll Nativity and Activity Sets

I actually just Googled it, printed it out, cut it out, and have all the pieces in an envelope for the kids.

               Coloring Sheets

As a teen and adult I still love to color and create. You can get a ton of awesome coloring sheets online.

               Rosary and Prayer Journals

We love to do a family Rosary, we like to take prayer requests and write them down in our prayer journals.  We keep these prayer journals out so when we have quiet time we have them at our fingertips. We also like to reflect and writing it out helps sorts out your requests to God and your feelings.

               Bible Verse Stationery

I like to use these to write letters to others. Letters bring encouragement and heartfelt prayers, good wishes, and are a statement of love. So when I have free time I will sit down and get out my list of people that I would love to correspond with. This is also great for kids no matter the age, to communicate in a way that is not tech heavy.  Get your Bible Stationery Luke 2 10 here now!


There are tons out there I just get free eBooks or even go to the library and pick them out. What a great way to spend time with the family then to read a book out loud.

  1. Hot Chocolate Bar Bible Study

I put together a Hot Chocolate Bar that is easy to put out and to clean up after. I get individual packets of hot Chocolate, marshmallows, peppermints, and caramel to put in bowls. We like to read the birth of Jesus through the book of Luke. So everyone will get their hot chocolate, discuss and read through the birth of our Savior.

  1. Watching Christian Christmas Movies

We watch a mixture of both Christian and NON Christian Christmas movies. We love holiday movies and there are an abundance of them. We like to go to the Library and rent them for free!!

  1. Make a treat box for a neighbor or someone who might need cheer.

We like to bake or write a letter to someone we know that is having a hard time. You don’t have to spend money to bring cheer and joy to someone.

  1. No Cell Phones after a certain time to spend time as a family.

This gets really hard for our families. Cell phones, iPad, and game systems are all the rage. We noticed that when we put our phones down; we tend to focus on each other more. Our marriage needs that time to help make our relationship strong. It is also giving us opportunities to make memorable moments. Some of the activities we like to do are puzzles, crosswords, talk, pray, listen to music, and craft.

Favorite Ornament


What are your favorite things to do this Advent and Christmas Season? Leave us a comment and subscribe!!! If you missed Kristi’s take on keeping Advent holy, check it out here.


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