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FIAT: A Child’s Take on “The Star”

The Star

Little Miss is back for a child’s take on a new movie! Today she joins Kristi to talk about the animated film that was released TODAY from Affirm films and Sony Pictures Animation, The Star. Like when we reviewed I Can Only Imagine, we were given advanced preview tickets to a screening of this movie a few weeks ago, and Little Miss was able to come, too!

The Star


There are a few spoilers in the story here, but then again…its’ a very well-known story. It’s a perfect Advent family film…but don’t take our word for it! Take the word of a child. Grab your beverage of choice and join our conversation!


As always, if the media player doesn’t load, you can go to Libsyn to stream it or visit iTunes where you can subscribe and never miss an episode!

We mentioned a Catholic discussion guide to the movie in the podcast. You can find that here.

The movie website also has an animated coloring book and several other activities you can download and do with your kiddos. Be sure to check them out!

Have a great week!

FIAT: Little Miss Has Something to Share…

Hello, lovelies! In today’s FIAT: Faith in All Things podcast, Kristi is joined by her daughter, Little Miss, who has something to share with our listeners.

Last time Little Miss joined the podcast, she shared her feelings about how things had changed since her mom married Superman and talked about the St. Patrick’s Day tea she was hosting. Today she wanted to share something a bit more personal.

Fair warning, this was recorded in the early morning hours of her day, and you can hear the sleepy. That said, there are also a few times she moves away from the microphone, but fear not! Little Miss will be back in a few weeks to talk about Advent, sharing, and random acts of kindness.

For now, grab a cup of something warm and delicious and hang out with Kristi and Little Miss for a bit as she shares her news with you.

You can stream it here in the media player below, on Libsyn, or on iTunes.

Let us know what you think about her news! If you missed our post on No-Spend November or last week’s podcast (both of which were mentioned in this week’s podcast), be sure to check them out by clicking on the purple titles in this sentence.


FIAT: Faith in All Things Returns!

Hi, friends! We’re baaaa-aaack!!

Today’s podcast is a summary of what all we’ve had going on, and what’s upcoming, since the last FIAT in mid-September. We are so excited to be back!

Kristi is solo on this relatively short one, but she’ll be joined next week by special guest Little Miss!

Grab a small cuppa and enjoy Kristi rambling about the goings-on of the Hail Marry crew this past six weeks as well as what’s to come!

If the podcast doesn’t load, click here to stream on Libsyn or listen (and subscribe) on iTunes!

FIAT: Faith in All Things…Our Childhoods

We’re feeling semi-refreshed after last week’s break and are excited to be back with you today! As always, happy Friday! And a First Friday at that!

Today in the podcast, we chat about our childhoods. Every now and again, and especially now that the weather is cooler, we like to stroll down memory lane. So grab a cup of Joe (or whatever name you call your beverage) and join us!

If the media player doesn’t load, please click here to download/stream the episode from Libsyn or subscribe on iTunes here

Kristi & Rachel

P.S. We’re taking a small FIAT hiatus for the rest of the month and all of October (sorry!) but we’ll be back with awesome things and excellent podcasts starting Friday, November 3!

FIAT: A Back-to-School Break

Hello and happy Friday!

As you may have read, we’re deep in Back to School here this week!

Little Miss, the Scientist, and Superman have all returned to school and helping them adjust to their schedule has made us a little, well, crazy!

We apologize for the missing podcast this week, but we’ll be back to air one next week as usual!

Thanks for your understanding as we adjust to new schedules!

Kristi & Rachel