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FIAT: Faith in All Things…Our Childhoods

We’re feeling semi-refreshed after last week’s break and are excited to be back with you today! As always, happy Friday! And a First Friday at that!

Today in the podcast, we chat about our childhoods. Every now and again, and especially now that the weather is cooler, we like to stroll down memory lane. So grab a cup of Joe (or whatever name you call your beverage) and join us!

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Kristi & Rachel

FIAT: A Back-to-School Break

Hello and happy Friday!

As you may have read, we’re deep in Back to School here this week!

Little Miss, the Scientist, and Superman have all returned to school and helping them adjust to their schedule has made us a little, well, crazy!

We apologize for the missing podcast this week, but we’ll be back to air one next week as usual!

Thanks for your understanding as we adjust to new schedules!

Kristi & Rachel

FIAT: Faith in All Things…Positivity

We’re back to FIAT!

Last weekend was amazing and we loved being on The Jennifer Fulwiler Show! We found out that it is available on Sirius On Demand. Yay!

This week we’re back and talking about positivity!

Won’t you join us?

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FIAT: Faith in All Things…On the Road at Edel!

Hey, friends! We get psyched pretty easily, we’ll grant you, but today we are *really* excited to be traveling to the Edel Gathering 2017 in beautiful (and nearby) Austin, Texas!

Bridgette and Kristi are going and will be featured on today’s live broadcast of The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on Sirius XM THE Catholic Channel, Channel 129. Today’s show interviews multiple Edel attendees, and we’re so grateful to be a part of it! We’re tentatively scheduled to be on around 1:10 p.m. CST.

So…we’re taking a small break from FIAT this week so we can focus on this amazing interview opportunity. We’ll be talking about self-care and why it’s so important for your marriage and mothering.

Tune in today! There will also be a special Saturday live broadcast featuring even more Edel attendees. Don’t have Sirius XM? That’s okay! Click here for information on your free trial!

♡ The Hail Marry Team♡

FIAT: Faith in All Things…Sleep

Sleep is a wonderful thing. A necessary thing. Something that’s been lacking recently, so today (inspired by Fr. Mike Schmitz!) we talk about sleep.

We shared a video from Fr. Mike on Facebook a few weeks ago about the importance of sleep. It’s awesome. You should watch it, and can do so here (not our video). We love these Fr. Mike videos because they’re truthful, pastoral, funny, and (let’s face it) he’s easy on the eyes.

Fr. Mike Schmitz, photo courtesy of his iTunes podcast page

Are you tired, too? Pour yourself your preferred form of caffeine and listen to this week’s podcast! Incidentally, if you want more of Fr. Mike’s insights as well, here’s his podcast on iTunes.

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