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Technical Difficulties

Oh my goodness. Technology. A blessing and a curse, right? And don’t you just love technical difficulties?

Kristi, Bridgette, and Rachel at Kristi’s Wedding

For this week’s podcast, we were planning to feature one of our really good mom friends, Bridgette. In fact, we met and recorded a 16-minute podcast. The software ate it. We recorded an 11-minute podcast. It was also eaten. Next, we recorded an 8-minute podcast, which, too, was devoured. Finally, figuring that it couldn’t happen four times in a row and that we now had the script down to a science, we recorded it in a lovely 7-minute podcast. It was the software’s dessert.

More recently at Little Miss’ FHC Dinner Bridgette, Rachel (and baby Schmoo), and Kristi

Since we’re going into the long weekend to celebrate the memory of those who have fallen in service to the American people and half the working population is phoning it in, we assumed that the Hail Marry computers and software are doing the same. So, although there IS a podcast for this week, it is NOT the one it was meant to be. #LifeHappens

This made us think about technical difficulties in a different, non-traditional sense of the word.

Life’s Technical Difficulties

Life is more and more reliant on technology. We are of the Millennial generation. Digital natives. We’ve been bombarded by technology since our youth. We were some of the first children in utero to be seen via sonogram, the first generation to have PCs in the home, and the generation of AOL dial-up, Instant Messaging, Skype, Facebook, and the entire suite of Apple’s smart products.

Our children are even more saturated within this. Tablets in pre-school, toys that are Bluetooth-enabled, QR codes for online games inside Happy Meals. Life is noisy with technology, and that’s never not going to be the case again (barring a cataclysm).

In today’s podcast, we talk about living in this hyper-connected world of techno-noise. It’s necessary and important, but so is taking the time to shut down from screens and tech so that we can be present with the ones we love.

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Did you catch the SUPER EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT at the end?! Hail Marry blog is expecting…check out exactly what we mean in the podcast.

Until next time,

Kristi & Rachel

P.S. Bridgette is one of the coolest mom friends we have. Did you check out Wednesday’s post on Mom Friends from Michele Faehnle of Divine Mercy for Moms?

FIAT: Faith in All Things Chatting with Not So Formulaic’s Ginny Kochis

Hello, lovelies! Today we’re super excited to have our friend Ginny on the podcast!

#CoolCatholicWomen List-Maker Ginny Kochis of Not So Formulaic
#CoolCatholicWomen List-Maker Ginny Kochis of Not So Formulaic

Ginny blogs at Not So Formulaic about being a homeschooling mama and a Catholic woman. We’ve linked to her stuff before and we highly recommend that you check out her blog. You can also read about why we think she’s such a Cool Catholic Woman here.

Ginny and Kristi chat about blogging, writing, family literacy, and gifted and talented children all across the spectrum. It’s a delightful 15 minute conversation.

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, kombucha, cocoa, or bone broth (whatever tickles your fancy!) and join Kristi & Ginny in conversation!

If the media player doesn’t load, please go to Libsyn to download the podcast or check us out on iTunes!

Have a great weekend!

FIAT: Faith in All Things Mother’s Day Edition

This week on the blog, in honor of moms the world over (and coinciding with Mother’s Day on Sunday), we’ve been focusing on that awesome part of our vocation as wives: motherhood.

On Monday, Kristi opened up about reaching the breaking point and realigning her family vision with their actual family goals. Tuesday had Rachel ordered on pregnancy bed rest for the rest of the month. Then on Wednesday, Kristi was back with a post about how easy it sometimes can be to become the mom we all swore we’d never be.

FIAT: Faith in All Things Mother’s Day Edition

In today’s special Mother’s Day Edition of FIAT: Faith in All Things, Kristi gets to hang out with her mom, Cindy, for a chat and a sing-along! The duo chats about pregnancy, raising kids, and lullabies.


Mother's Day
Mother-Daughter Collage Love (left) Kristi & Cindy in the Waco Sunlight (top right) Also in Waco (bottom right) Moscato at Kristi’s engagement party nearly a year ago

Grab your beverage of choice (Mother’s Day mimosa, anyone?) and hang out with Kristi & Cindy for about 15 minutes.

If the media player doesn’t load, please click here to download the podcast or subscribe and listen anytime on iTunes!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms (both spiritual and literal)!

Kristi & Rachel

FIAT: Faith in All Things…Pregnancy, Joy, & Suffering

Another Friday, another FIAT: Faith in All Things podcast! Woo hoo! Since we’re in the month of May (the month of mothers!) and we haven’t talked with Rachel about her pregnancy on a podcast yet, we decided to do just that today!

The Scientist and Rachel announcing their fifth pregnancy at around 12 weeks!

Join us in setting aside the Mommy Wars to come together and share our experiences, hopes, and journeys as we suffer and celebrate the moments that lead us closer to our vocation of wife and MOM. We also chat about some of our favorite pregnancy movies.

Kristi’s 20-week picture when pregnant with Little Miss. Look at that glow!

Grab that toy that’s been driving you crazy, hide it from the kids, grab your cup of coffee and reheat it for the third time in the microwave and join us!

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That article from Becky Thompson we mentioned about having a baby leveling the playing field is entitled “Who Knew Baby Puke Was So Powerful?” and can be found on her website, also called Becky Thompson, here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kristi & Rachel

P.S. For real, y’all, those Mommy Wars?! Enough! Instead, let’s challenge one another. Check out this post (one of a ton) on the #RockingMotherhood challenge and join us!

FIAT: Faith in All Things A Discussion of Our Sacraments: A Walk through Time

Happy Friday! We have a new FIAT: Faith in All Things logo! Sorry for the delay in the posting. Little Miss is making her First Holy Communion this weekend and things are kind of all over the place! In honor of Little Miss’s big day and the season of sacraments in general, we’re discussing memories of our own First Holy Communions and Confirmations.

Here’s a picture of Rachel on her First Holy Communion Day (Kristi’s mom hasn’t yet developed the film from her big day…yes, you read that right!). So cute!

Rachel’s Darth Vader helmet hair on her First Holy Communion.


Grab a glass of iced tea or lemonade (the weather’s getting warmer!) and join us in today’s conversation.

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Have a great weekend!

Kristi & Rachel