Our First Guest Post: “I Beg Your Pardon?! What Surprised These CatholicMatch Alums About Marriage” on CatholicMatch Institute

We are so excited to finally announce that we’ve written our FIRST guest post! As we both met our wonderful hubbies on Catholic Match, we partnered with them in this guest post about what surprised us in marriage. This article originally appeared on CatholicMatch.




I remember, at age nine, knowing I’d one day be a wife and mother. I had it all planned out. I’d marry a handsome, wonderful man at 18, have my first child at 23, and go on to have five. Boom! Happily ever after!

Although I did have my first child at 23 and I am married to a handsome, fabulous man, my journey was wrought with many turns and surprises. Marriage has its fair share of surprises, too.

I knew, of course, that it’d be different, but the thing I expected to be the most challenging ended up being a breeze, and things I didn’t even register as a possibility to cause surprise did.


RachelThe priest finished saying, “For the first time, let me introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Washington.” My husband looked at me and winked. That moment was when it became real to me: I’m married to the man of my dreams.

I knew that our life would be a fairy tale. Fast forward two weeks and I’m telling myself, “I know Mom said that marriage is hard work but I didn’t realize how hard.”

I thought I was prepared. I took the classes, had uncomfortable conversations with my parents, got the things I needed to set up a household, but my unrealistic dream of a fairy tale marriage was the problem. My thoughts on how it was going to be were definitely not what God (or my husband) had planned for us. There are ton of wonderful—and not so wonderful—surprises that I encountered since marrying.



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But that’s not all, you guys.

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