Cool Catholic Women: Five Super Amazing Catholic Bloggers

It’s Women’s History Month! The first time I discovered this was due to American Girl. I had a calendar that featured an illustration of Samantha’s Aunt Cornelia marching as a Suffragist for the month of March. So. Cool. In honor of the month singling out the contributions of women in our society throughout history, we’re highlighting some pretty awesome Cool Catholic Women who have helped build the kingdom of God.

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First of all, this was a freakishly difficult list to narrow down to five bloggers. The Catholic Internet is filled with awesome bloggers who speak to the soul with inspiration. I think this is the most difficult post we’ve ever written! This list is nowhere near exhaustive and there are other bloggers not named here, so look for a follow-up post in the future with Cool Catholic Women: Five MORE Super Amazing Bloggers…stay tuned on that.

  1. Annie Deddens— This rockstar blogs at Catholic Wife, Catholic Life. She has so many wonderful, deep posts about marriage that will make you scream “Yes!” in inspiration to your monitor. She’s open and honest about her fertility struggles with endometriosis, proudly supports NFP, and is currently working on becoming a Creighton FertilityCare practitioner. As if that didn’t keep her plate full, she also runs Pray More Novenas with her husband John-Paul. There you can sign up to pray novena after novena. Last year they also ran a beautiful, pay-what-you-can Lenten retreat (which they’re doing this year, too) and another one at Advent. On top of all of that, she’s also available for speaking. Rock. Star. Check out her post 4 Things I’ve Learned Through 4 Years of Marriage. You’ll love her.
  2. Ginny Kochis— Ginny was introduced to us via the CWBN Sienna Sisters Blog Hop and we’re so glad! Ginny blogs at Not So Formulaic. She’s a Catholic homeschooling mom and an online tutor. She blogs about motherhood and homeschooling, through the lens of our Catholic faith. Go read Ginny’s post called Let Your Husband Love You: The Truth About Sacrifice in Marriage. The girl has a way with words that will make you wonder why you haven’t had the same thought she’s sharing.
  3. Haley Stewart— How have I made it this long without discovering Carrots for Michaelmas? I’m not entirely sure. Haley lives in Central Texas (go Texas!) and is momma to three. She also cohosts a 45-minute podcast with Christy Isinger called Fountains of Carrots. This is a new discovery, too. She’s fiercely Catholic and passionately book nerd. Y’all, she’s sorted Jane Austen’s characters into Hogwarts houses, and totally convinced the world that Molly Weasley is Catholic. She’s definitely someone you should follow on Twitter, too.
  4. Kendra Tierney—She’s a busy mama (number nine is on the way!) who’s currently writing a book and remodeling her home. Busy mama! She blogs at Catholic All Year about parenting, homeschooling, the liturgical year (our favorite), and more. The best thing about this sweet blogger, though, is her heart. Kendra granted permission for some of her posts to be used in Kristi’s faith formation classes and prayed for Rachel last year when she lost her son, Tripp. She even took time out of the busy schedule we just outlined to respond to an inquiry we sent her. Read her real-talk posts called Dear Newlywed, You’re Probably Worried about the Wrong Thing or Hey America, Pregnancy: You’re Doing it Wrong. She hits the nail on the head.
  5. Martina Kreitzer— We just found out that this founder of Catholic Sistas is also a Texan (again, go Texas!) and grew up in the Piney Woods college town where Kristi earned her degree! While the blog is well-known for the Catholic Through the Year planner, this multi-contributor blog was created by Martina to focus on the feminine perspective of the Catholic Faith. Right now they’re writing a series about Special Needs parenting. She’s a homeschooling mama to seven and loves—like all of us—bacon. Go read her post 23 Ways Society Lies to Catholic Women. It’s pretty insightful.


Who would make your list of Cool Catholic Women? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #CoolCatholicWomen. Let us know what you think about our list and the links we’ve shared, too!


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