FIAT: Faith in All Things Dads in Our Lives

Dads are amazing. They pick you up when you fall, make you laugh with their hilarious jokes, are an endless supply of random facts, and give the best hugs. Dads are a rare breed of rules, fun, love, and protection. This weekend is Father’s Day, and in honor of that, we decided to take a pause from our podcast series on Building Your Family Culture and chat about the wonderful men in our lives that we’re lucky enough to know, in some capacity, as dad.

Mom’s tend to get a lot of press, a ton of emphasis in shows, and all the homemade school gifts. Dads tend to get left out a little. We’re a little mom-centric in the world. But let’s face it: moms and dads are different. They don’t do things the same way. And we need them both.

Moms vs. Dads
Yep. That’s about right.

So we say that dads deserve some love. Because here at Hail Marry, we are big daddy’s girls.

In fact, on Wednesday, Bridgette shared some of her dad’s sense of humor and dadvice. Earlier this month, we saw marriage through the eyes of Rachel’s dad. Previously, we’ve talked about how TV dads are portrayed as hapless usually, but not in the cases of The Goldbergs or This Is Us. In today’s podcast, we talk about the Cheerios Dad who is just…wonderful. You’ve got to check out this clip here (not our video).

So today, raise a glass to the dad’s you know and join us for a chat.

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Dads & Fathers

Happy Father’s Day to Captain, Superman, and the Scientist (as well as our dads)!!!

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  1. Anni Harry | 16th Jun 17

    I’m now going to have to go back and re-watch “Love, Actually.” Because, ummm… I don’t remember liking it when I saw it… but, maybe I’ll eat queso and chips while watching it… 🤔😂

  2. Christine | 16th Jun 17

    My dad is such a good example to me. He demonstrates what hard work is! He actually helped me install a window well at my house by giving me direction over the phone! Happy Father’s Day Dad!

  3. Kimberly Cook | 16th Jun 17

    I love the celebration of dads, especially emphasizing the humor, which I feel my dad always brings!

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