Serving Our Husbands with Love through Housework

Happy Friday, FIAT friends!

Today we’re chatting about finding God in the bubbles (and dust bunnies and garbage) of housework as a sacrificial act of love. We’re called as spouses to die to self and show love. Sometimes, that means we do the chores we loathe.


See? Polka dots! Doesn’t it just seem that housework would be so much better wearing that?!


Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a ten-minute conversation that includes some wisdom from the saints, laughter from Mr. Clean, fashion inspiration from the 1950s, and a lovely segue about NBC’s This Is Us.


This Is Us is amazing. We’ve watched the episode since recording this podcast and…get the Kleenex ready if you haven’t seen it yet. This image is from the NBC website.


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As promised, here’s the link to the hilarious Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial we mentioned in the podcast. Note: This is NOT our video, nor do we claim to own the rights to it.

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Fiat: Faith in All Things, Season 1, Episode 8: Finding God in the Bubbles

We hope that you’re able to find God in the bubbles (and other housework you may have) today and that you have a wonderful weekend!


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