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FIAT: Faith in All Things

The Faith in All Things podcast is hosted by the co-founders of Hail Marry, Kristi and Rachel. Started January 6, 2017 and inspired by Mary’s powerful “yes” to God (her fiat), we bring ideas for your marriage, your home, and your faith through conversations with one another and interviews from other Catholic women in short 10-15 minute chunks that you can listen to on the go. We hope to inspire you to see that, if you look around, faith really is in all things, and we, too, can say “yes!” to God.

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Need to catch up on the FIAT podcast? Below all episodes from the past have been archived. 

Season 1

Episode 1: Meet the Bloggers

Episode 2: A Review of Walk in Her Sandals

Episode 3: Feminism, Catholicism, and the Women’s March on Washington

Episode 4: Morning Offerings

Episode 5: An Interview with Pam Whitehead of And Then There Were None & the Pro-Life Women’s Conference

Episode 6: How Marriage Changed Us

*Episode 7: Faithfully Frugal

*Episode 8: Finding God in the Bubbles

Episode 9: What NBC’s This is Us Can Teach Us about Marriage

Episode 10: An Interview with Our Friend Angela Ausmus Gill

Episode 11: Hanging out with Little Miss

Episode 12: Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, and Almsgiving

Hail Marry is Featured on A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras!

Episode 13: The Benedict Option

Episode 14: Finishing Lent with an Intentional Push into the Triduum

Episode 15: Friendship in All Things

Episode 16: The Sacraments: A Walk through Time

Episode 17: Pregnancy and Joy in Suffering

Episode 18: Mother’s Day 2017

Episode 19: Chatting with Not So Formulaic’s Ginny Kochis

Episode 20: Technical Difficulties

Episode 21: Community

*Episode 22: Building Your Family Culture Part I: Quality Time

Episode 23: Dads in Our Lives

*Episode 24: Building Your Family Culture Part II: The Domestic Church

Episode 25: Fireworks, Freedom, and Fun

*Episode 26: Building Your Family Culture Part III: Boundaries

*Episode 27: Building Your Family Culture Part IV: The Family Budget

*Episode 28: Building Your Family Culture Part V: Family Organization

Episode 29: Sleep

Episode 30: Positivity

Episode 31: The Friendship Project!

Episode 32: Our Childhoods

Episode 33: We’re Baaaaa-ack!

Episode 34: Little Miss Has Something to Share!

Episode 35: A Child’s Take on “The Star”

Episode 36: Small Business Saturday & Subsidiarity

Season 2

Episode 1: It’s the Season Premiere!

Episode 2: 2017-A Recap

Episode 3: Our 2018 Outlook

Episode 4: Our Lenten 2018 Project!!!

*Episode 5: Our Vocation & Homemaking (It’s NOT Just Cleaning)

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