Cool Catholic Women, Part II: Five MORE Super Amazing Catholic Bloggers

Well you guys…it’s still Women’s History Month! Earlier this month we posted about some pretty awesome Catholic women bloggers who build the kingdom of God. Women we’d invite to tea. Except we limited ourselves to five. Who were we kidding, right?! So here’s our second list of our teatime guests (see here for the original post).


*okay, we confess; it’s six.

  1. Allison Gingras— Allison is pretty cool, indeed. You can find her at Reconciled to You. She also hosts a radio show, A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras, on Breadbox Media (streaming online or available for free in the app store). She’s the main organizer for the Catholic Women Bloggers Network Sienna Sisters Blog Hop every month and she hosts the weekly #WorthRevist linkup on Wednesdays. Allison is also a mom, a wife, a lover of squirrels, a speaker, and a blogger. She’s currently leading the WINE—Women in the New Evangelization Lenten book study on Walk in Her Sandals over on Facebook (missed our podcast on this book? Check it out here!). She also takes your prayer requests online and brings them to adoration with her. We’re excited to sit down with her later this month to chat on her radio show.
  2. Hallie Lord/Jennifer Fulwiler— Yes, we’re totally cheating with this one, but since it’s number two it’s the appropriate one to list a duo…right? Kristi often jokes that Hallie Lord is her soul sister. Hallie can be found at her website of her own name and is an author, speaker, conference co-founder, mama, blogger, and radio hostess to a Sirius XM Satellite Radio show, Hallie Weekly. We love listening to her radio show. She always has something to say that ignites thought and inspires. Jennifer Fulwiler blogs at her website. She’s also an author, an atheist-turned-Catholic mama, and our third radio hostess for this post. She hosts the Jennifer Fulwiler Show (also on Sirius XM), which is always filled with hilarity and insights from a Catholic perspective. Together, they’re the co-founders of the Edel Gathering. Segue time: are you going? Catch up with the Hail Marry team there if you do!
  3. Sterling Jacquith— We discovered Sterling through a Catholic Mom Google Hangout videocast on marriage. She had some great things to say there, so we followed her over to her website, where she blogs, leads a Catholic Mom Challenge group, and posts a weekly podcast called Coffee and Pearls. She’s expecting another bundle of joy right now, but can be found on Facebook working with her Catholic Mom Challenge group. She’s also an author and a speaker. Definitely listen to her podcast episodes entitled I Just Want and Measuring Our Marriage. Really. Good. Stuff.
  4. Jenna GuizarBlessed is She is new for us. It’s a community of Catholic women of all kinds that was founded in 2014 by Jenna Guizar. She’s been able to accomplish some pretty cool things since then, as there are free daily devotionals offered and paid membership monthly virtual workshops designed to help you delve into the Word. Let’s be honest: we could all use a little help in this department. They’re hosting a retreat on April 1 in Austin as well as hosting brunches across the country, aimed at creating a real-life community. Our closest one is actually this coming Saturday, which is SO COOL! Kristi and our wonderful friend Bridgette are going (so look for a conversation about that experience coming soon!). In addition to all that, Blessed is She has regional Facebook groups for additional support plus prayer tools you can buy in their online store.
  5. Katie Sciba—We’ve linked this amazing blogger from The Catholic Wife before in our podcast about morning offerings and we just love her stuff! She’s got great tips for buying Catholic at the holidays, excellent insight on how to Catholic wife, and runs a Monday Morning with the Saints series with saint quotes and meditations. Katie is also a speaker and a vlogger. Check out her post on Lent for the Married (how timely!) and her vlog episode Stewardship, Spouses, & Service.

Even though our two lists are now comprised of eleven women, we know there are still a ton of them out there who are just as awesome and not yet mentioned by us. So we ask you: who would make your list of Cool Catholic Women? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #CoolCatholicWomen. Let us know what you think about our second list and the links we’ve shared, too!

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