How to Keep Your Marriage Awake (When You’re Over-scheduled and Exhausted)

It’s a Monday. After a particularly full weekend AND Daylight Savings Time, no less. I’m exhausted. Actually, I’ve kind of been running on empty all month. We’re running to this or that on the schedule, squeezing in conversation here and there. I’ve felt undue tension in my marriage because of it. So after nearly two weeks of studying this, I feel confident that I can accurately speak on how to keep your marriage awake when you’re over-scheduled and exhausted, like me.

Text & Flirt

Regardless of how busy I am, I’ve almost always got my smartphone on me. With it, I pull lessons from our dating days. I Google images and memes and send cute, funny, or inside joke-inducing images. The words may not be mine, but the time and effort I put into it are mine. Sometimes, if I can’t sort through images due to time, I’ll just send him a text  with an assortment of emojis.

Keep Your Marriage Awake (when you're over-scheduled & exhausted)
One of our texts from a past crazy time.

Hold Hands

Seriously. All the time. We hold hands in bed, at Mass, in the car, while walking…always. When we’re too busy to have real conversations or too tired for real intimacy (it’s sad, guys, but you know it totally happens), holding hands connects us physically and sustains us until things calm down a little.

Acknowledge the Little Things

Love doesn’t have to be shown only in extravagant ways. I don’t know about your house, but in mine we sometimes neglect things when we’re over-scheduled. Did your hubby run a quick load of dishes? Fold the clothes you’ve yet to get to on the sofa? Cook breakfast for you to stop the vicious cycle of a bar for breakfast? Let him know that you see him and you appreciate his thoughtfulness. It goes a long way on the exhausted and crazy schedule times.

Keep Your Marriage Awake (when you're over-scheduled & exhausted)


Who doesn’t like smiling?

Keep Your Marriage Awake (when you're over-scheduled & exhausted)
We love “Elf” in our house. Thanks, Google, for the meme!

And who doesn’t like seeing a smile? Smiling is a great facial workout and gives you endorphins that calm you…which is helpful if you already feel like you’re coasting on autopilot. Superman has an excellent smile and I love seeing it. It’s a small, quick thing, but it breaks the stress of weeks (months?) like these.

Make Time

I know, I know. You’re so tired. You just want to sleep. You’re busy, so when you come home from the most recent event you need to rest to recharge for the next one. I hear you. But hear me on this one: you make time for what’s important. Your marriage is your vocation. It’s the way you live out your Christianity and your pathway to Heaven. That seems pretty important.

Invest into your marriage, even if in the tired times it’s a five-minute pillow-talk conversation. That’s still something.

Anyone else having one of these when you’re over-scheduled & exhausted seasons right now? Please share your insights and tips for how to stay connected and keep your marriage awake, as I can always add more tools to the arsenal!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Laura Turner | 13th Mar 17

    Something we learned at a marriage retreat we once attended is that at the end of the day, make 20 minutes in bed for skin to skin cuddling/contact. No other activities needed. Just skin to skin and reconnect at the end of a busy day. Works wonders on keeping you connected and it’s something we both look forward to.

    • Hail Marry Blog | 13th Mar 17

      This speaks to my love language, too! Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. Beth Anne | 14th Mar 17

    I’m not married yet but all the things I have going on plus wedding planning it’s hard to focus on our relationship sometimes. We totally do the first one. He even makes memes with our photos to be funny lol

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