How We Advent: Advent Traditions We Love

Even though Thanksgiving is yet to come, and Advent is just over a week away, we thought we’d join up with the CWBN Sienna Sisters Blog Hop (because, hey, it’s been awhile!) and share some of our favorite Advent traditions; that is to say, how we Advent. Here are last year’s posts on being Grateful & Intentional in Advent and 5 Ideas to Celebrate Advent.

How We Advent: Wreaths

I didn’t grow up in a home that used an Advent wreath, but we did decorate to the nines. Rachel has a beautiful Advent wreath that she uses as a centerpiece on her table. This year, we’re upgrading our wreath to a larger one with tall, tapered candles (vs. votives). Both our families LOVE reflecting on each Sunday, praying, and lighting our candles.

How We Advent: Family Time

Rachel and her husband institute a tech-free time each night in the Advent season. They simply silence their cell phones and don’t look at them until the next morning. They spend this time together, playing games, praying, or reading.

We have an uptick in family time, too: we bake together, go look at Christmas lights together (usually on the feast of St. Lucy), and read and play together.

How We Advent: The Nativity 

Nativity scenes. Aren’t they the best? We were cleaning my room in prep for packing this weekend and Rachel and I discovered a bag of five (yeah…five!) Nativity scenes I purchased as gifts or home additions last year. All of my closest friends love them, as do both my mom and mother-in-law.

Some people set them out, in full, all season. Others, like us, take a different approach.

How We Advent: A Nativity Timeline Approach

We set out the creche, the animals, Joseph, Mary, and any shepherds. Then…we wait. This kind of makes our Nativity sets interactive.

On Christmas Eve in both homes, the Magi begin journeying to find the baby Jesus, which they ultimately do on Twelfth Night, in honor of Epiphany.

In my home, we hide all the baby Jesus figures on Christmas morning and place him in his correct spots before we open any gifts. It’s like an Easter egg hunt, but…different.

How We Advent on Social Media

Since the season is upon us, we invite you to post about your Advent on social media: especially sharing pictures on Instagram. We can evangelize beautifully in this season. Join us in using the hashtag #HowWeAdvent this season!

How We Advent

What are your favorite Advent traditions?

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  1. Lexie | 21st Nov 17

    I love these ideas! Definitely going to try some of these myself this year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kathleen | 21st Nov 17

    I love these ideas! Growing up our advent wreath was usually the only tradition that we had during advent. This year I am really excited to be using an advent journal (the one from Blessed is She) to turn the prayerfulness up this year 🙂

    • Hail Marry Blog | 30th Nov 17

      Thanks! Each HM blogger has an Every Sacred Sunday Mass journal and we can’t wait to use them for the same reason!

  3. Michelle Gelineau | 21st Nov 17

    These are wonderful ideas! I especially like having a “no tech time.” I thInk we should do this all the time. I also love nativities. I have a Fontanini set and I get excited when I add a piece each year. Happy Advent!

  4. Anni Harry | 21st Nov 17

    I love these ideas!! Great traditions, and I hope to link up with you on social media for #HowWeAdvent – it sounds like a fun time!

  5. Kirby Hoberg | 25th Nov 17

    I like the tech free time! It’s so tempting to be going non-stop in Advent, but at least setting aside time to just be together sounds lovely.

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