Today’s Post Is Brought to You by Insomnia

It’s 1:20 a.m. Awakened and unable to return to sleep (thanks, insomnia), I’m in the living room, so as not to disturb my slumbering husband. The neighborhood, silence moments ago, is alive with all four of the neighbor’s dogs barking madly at something. From my daughter’s room, I hear Brahms’ lullaby on repetitive loop.

In moments like these in the past, I’ve tried to count sheep. Who does that actually work for? Once that fails, my mind starts running through the week’s coming days and tasks and responsibilities, and that can be hard to silence.

Tonight, as I sit in the rocker/recliner my husband had to have (and we all secretly love), beneath one of the softest blankets known to man, I’m just offering up prayers.

Not prayers to deliver me from the insomnia, nor prayers for the dogs to be silenced once more. Rather, I pray for the intentions of friends.

For our friend Anna, who’s undergoing a miscarriage of the third child she so desperately wanted. For our friends Christine and Kristin, who both just had beautiful daughters. I pray for friends Alicia and Maria and Anna, who all had very rough experiences on Mother’s Day.

For Angela, who is praying for her seventh child on Earth. For Susie and April and so many others who celebrated Mother’s Day without their mothers. For all women who experienced Mother’s Day with a piece of them missing, whether due to infertility, miscarriage, still births, or a child’s death.

In this sleep-deprived way, I use my time to focus beyond my mini-struggle with sleep to bring these hurts to Jesus for others. And the peace of our Lord, who is listening to these intentions, falls on me, and sleep seems attainable.

I’ll take that over counting sheep any day.

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  1. Ginny Kochis | 15th May 17

    Beautiful. Insomnia’s always easier to bear when you can offer it for someone else.

  2. Anni H. | 15th May 17

    At the beginning of Nineveh 90, I fell asleep while praying, and in the middle of the night woke up and went through some insomnia. While lying there awake, I realized I hadn’t finished my prayers, and began working on completing those. I decided at that time on those nights lying awake, instead of waking up and jumping on my phone or watching television, God must be calling me to talk to Him – or, listen. Since then, I’ve had a change of heart about insomnia, and feel as though those times I am awakened, God is calling me to talk with Him… 9 times out of 10, it’s brief and I fall right back to sleep. Other times, I will talk with Him for a while – or, work on my listening skills. 😉

    I wish I had that breakthrough in my faith life while I was pregnant, or when my husband was deployed… both times in which insomnia raised its ugly head!

    Great thoughts!

  3. tojesussincerely | 15th May 17

    Praying for your friends! <3

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