CWBN Blog Hop: Why Rachel Loves Our Catholic Faith

I was sitting perfectly still and listening to the beautiful voices singing City of God. I sat there and was thinking how wonderful is God to make people have beautiful voices and to sing about him. I was 6 at the time and really had no idea how my faith would grow into a deep and meaningful relationship with God. There are so many points that I want to shout it out to the whole wide world on why I love my Catholic faith. Seeing as how we don’t have all the time in the world, I am just going to jot down a few of the main things that I love.

We have a forgiving God.

God is so loving and understanding that he calls for conversion and penance. When my heart is heavy with my sins, I take a good hard look at my conscience. It teaches me to really take responsibility for my actions and make the decision to try and live better. When I confess my sins, I feel that my heart is lighter and it teaches me to focus on trying to do better going forward. I truly love that we get the chance to continue working with God to make ourselves better.

God gave us the gift of prayer.

I love all of our rich, traditional prayers. I love that our faith has prayers that everyone knows and says in all different languages. I think there is beauty in knowing that all around the world, people are praying the same as you. I also love praying when it’s just God and me. My personal relationship with God is so much stronger when I spend time with him and in his word. Having adoration and sitting in front of the holy presence is not only calming but to be able to praise God…? Wow. My childhood priest always said that humbling yourself in front of the Lord is the beginning foundation of  great communication with God.

“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God” St. John Damascene

I LOVE our Mass service.

I love going to Mass. It is the highlight of my week. I love the aspect that the Mass is the same throughout the world. Another amazing and wonderful thing is that I get to receive the body and blood of Christ. I’m also able to have fellowship with others sharing the same experience. I love celebrating all of our sacraments. Receiving Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is something so extraordinary and special. When we give offer one another the sign of peace, I’m actively spreading God’s love to my church family, which inspires having a sense of community and sharing the Good News throughout the week.

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  1. Emily Davis | 1st Jul 17

    I am so thankful we serve a Forgiving God! It’s like PHEW! Am I right?
    I love your post and all your reasons!

  2. Anni Harry | 5th Jul 17

    Such a great reminder – of the forgiveness of God, and the beauty of the Catholic Faith! Thank you for letting us know the reasons you love your Faith!

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