Making Mommy-Daughter Time

With the abundance of changes we’ve got going on with this first month of school and some exciting things happening in Hail Marry land (which we teased Monday, too. Information is coming, I promise!), it’s easy to lose time and to forget to carve out specific moments with Little Miss. In order to prevent that, here are my thoughts on making Mommy-Daughter time in your busy week!

1. The Morning Cuddle

I wake her up juuuuuust a few minutes early, have her come to my bed, and we cuddle while talking about her dreams from the night or things she’s looking forward to that day.

2. The “You Plan the Menu”

On a whim, I took Little Miss grocery shopping for dinner one night and had her plan the meal. Then she helped me prepare it. We had ham, green beans, carrots, and salad, if you were wondering, and it was delicious!

3. The Breakfast Date

This is one of my favorites, because it kills two birds with one stone! It helps her move and get ready on time, and we get to spend time together. We set a time goal to be ready and leave the house early, then we go and grab breakfast before school. Sometimes in the fall, it even includes a very tiny PSL for Little Miss. 

Have you tried any of these? How do you mommas make time for your kiddos during the busy school year? 

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  1. Lindsey West | 13th Sep 17

    Cute ideas

  2. Anni Harry | 14th Sep 17

    My son has been helping me plan the menu the past three days. He’s fired after a two day request of salmon for dinner. Last night, I asked him what he wants for dinner tonight (grocery store trip in our future today), and the response was “real chicken.” I have no clue what he means, even when I throw out alternate ideas. So, he’s doubly fired. 😈

    One thing I want to do someday (when kids are older) is to make more use of a Saturday breakfast date or something like that. Each kid gets a Saturday morning date, just one of their parents – kind of parent of choice, or which parent needs it more – and one kid, and a breakfast out.

    • Hail Marry Blog | 14th Sep 17

      That’s a great idea! Lol, I might fire mine as well with that. 🙂

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