Natural Family Planning: an Overview 

It’s Natural Family Planning Awareness Week! #NFP


NFP stands for Natural Family Planning. NFP is a way to track your menstrual and ovulation cycles to achieve pregnancy or abstain from creating life. It’s natural, as you are not taking hormones to stop your cycles, implanting anything in your body, or “fixing” that which isn’t broken. It’s the most organic way to monitor your cycle and it works with your body.

There are several different methods of NFP to choose from. The Scientist and Rachel use the Creighton Method while Kristi and Superman use the Marquette Method. Each method has it’d own protocol to record specifics about your cycle to determine optimum days for baby making (if you’retrying to conceive  (TTC)) or, if you and your husband discern that now isn’t the time (trying to abstain (TTA)), it also determines days you should abstain from sex.

Yes. Abstain from sex. We’re both newlyweds here, remember? We know that abstaining sometimes sucks. But as Catholic Christians, we’re called to be open to life with each marital act of love. Natural Family Planning works with your body and it’s natural timing so that each act is free of barriers: open to life, regardless of the likelihood you’ll conceive. 

Now that I have been practicing NFP on a regular basis, I realize how important it is to your overall health.

We chose the Creighton Method because it is reliable and easy to understand. It allows both of us to be responsible in our journey to be open to life. The method for me is so important, as I now know signs of trouble or sickness within me. You become really observant of your body and it forces you to be more health-conscious.

The most surprising thing that we learned while practicing this method, is that we are stronger with our intimacy. A main component that this method teaches is that you and your spouse are responsible for communicating your needs.

They teach the acronym S.P.I.C.E which stands for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creativity/Commutative, Emotional. Creighton Method teaches you to be intimate in times of abstaining and when engaging. The method is really well-rounded in taking care of you wholly instead of just tracking your cycles.


Superman and I chose the Marquette Method because,  to me,  it feels more controlled. It doesn’t monitor cervical mucus like some methods do, which is great for me, because I have really confusing cervical mucus anyway. It feels very scientific and it reassures my control-freak mind.

With Marquette, you use an Ovulation Monitor and pee on a stick each day. The monitor measures your LH (luteinizing hormone) and gives you readings of low, high, or peak. Based on Marquette Method rules, Superman and I use this information to abstain or attempt to create a new life, depending on how we’ve discerned that month.

We’re in frequent communication about our family size, when to grow it, and the like, which aids in our marital intimacy. Intimacy isn’t just physical. I bet you’ll find that NFP improves communication.

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