Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day, so we are taking a break to enjoy the three-day weekend with our family.

But that’s not what today is about.

Today, while being with our family, we remember those who have served and passed on, those who have fallen in battle, and those separated from families by being stationed in foreign lands, in our prayers. It is to them we owe our freedom.

Please join us in praying for the families of those who have have fallen today while we spend time with our own.

Kristi, Rachel, and Bridgette


Technical Difficulties

Oh my goodness. Technology. A blessing and a curse, right? And don’t you just love technical difficulties?

Kristi, Bridgette, and Rachel at Kristi’s Wedding

For this week’s podcast, we were planning to feature one of our really good mom friends, Bridgette. In fact, we met and recorded a 16-minute podcast. The software ate it. We recorded an 11-minute podcast. It was also eaten. Next, we recorded an 8-minute podcast, which, too, was devoured. Finally, figuring that it couldn’t happen four times in a row and that we now had the script down to a science, we recorded it in a lovely 7-minute podcast. It was the software’s dessert.

More recently at Little Miss’ FHC Dinner Bridgette, Rachel (and baby Schmoo), and Kristi

Since we’re going into the long weekend to celebrate the memory of those who have fallen in service to the American people and half the working population is phoning it in, we assumed that the Hail Marry computers and software are doing the same. So, although there IS a podcast for this week, it is NOT the one it was meant to be. #LifeHappens

This made us think about technical difficulties in a different, non-traditional sense of the word.

Life’s Technical Difficulties

Life is more and more reliant on technology. We are of the Millennial generation. Digital natives. We’ve been bombarded by technology since our youth. We were some of the first children in utero to be seen via sonogram, the first generation to have PCs in the home, and the generation of AOL dial-up, Instant Messaging, Skype, Facebook, and the entire suite of Apple’s smart products.

Our children are even more saturated within this. Tablets in pre-school, toys that are Bluetooth-enabled, QR codes for online games inside Happy Meals. Life is noisy with technology, and that’s never not going to be the case again (barring a cataclysm).

In today’s podcast, we talk about living in this hyper-connected world of techno-noise. It’s necessary and important, but so is taking the time to shut down from screens and tech so that we can be present with the ones we love.

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Did you catch the SUPER EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT at the end?! Hail Marry blog is expecting…check out exactly what we mean in the podcast.

Until next time,

Kristi & Rachel

P.S. Bridgette is one of the coolest mom friends we have. Did you check out Wednesday’s post on Mom Friends from Michele Faehnle of Divine Mercy for Moms?

Mom Friends: A Treasured Gift from God

We are really excited to bring today’s guest post to you. It’s written by one of our newest mom friends, Michele Faehnle. She’s the co-director of the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference, and coauthor of Divine Mercy for Moms and The Friendship Project (which we are PSYCHED to read!) written with her wonderful mom friend Emily Jaminet. We just love that they’re collaborating as friends like we are! Michele and her husband, Matthew, have four children and live in Columbus, Ohio. Read more from Michele at Divine Mercy for Moms  and The Friendship Project.

“In this world two things are essential: life and friendship. Both should be highly prized and we must not undervalue them.” St. Augustine.

There was a time in my life when I undervalued friendship. I was newly married, had a budding career as a labor and delivery nurse and an adorable little baby. My life was full and I was content; or at least I thought I was. I’d been blessed with many wonderful friendships throughout my life, but moving to a new state after getting married left me far away from those I was closest with. Sure, I had plenty of acquaintances: neighbors, women I worked with, and the wives of my husband’s friends. However, I was always so busy trying to keep my head above water, I didn’t have any time to seek out friendships or deepen and develop the new relationships I was making.

One while attending daily mass, the young mom sitting in front of me invited me over to her home. She was starting a playgroup with a few other moms and asked me to join them for a weekly get together. Thinking I didn’t have much to lose, I went to the gathering. Four strangers sat together in her living room. Since our children were still infants (between six and nine month old), they didn’t do much playing, but we enjoyed lunch and conversation. I left thinking I wouldn’t return the next week. I remember talking to my husband about it that night at dinner. “It was nice,” I told him, “but I don’t think I have time for this.” In hindsight, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I continued to go to that same playgroup for years. Our babies grew into toddlers together and we all had our second child within months of each other. We discussed teething, cloth diapers, and vaccines. We started meeting up more than once a week, taking trips to the zoo, museums, parks and enjoying each others company. As our children grew, so did our friendship. These women became my friends and confidants. We began to cultivate deeper relationships, and we discussed the important things in life, especially our faith.

I realized that having good friends is important to our physical, mental and spiritual health. Having friends isn’t optional. I needed these women in my life. This experience was the first of many new mom friends whom I would welcome in my life over the years. As a seasoned mother of toddlers to teens, I can say that my life has been blessed with countless mom friends that have encouraged and mentored me to be a better wife, mother and daughter of God. Although my life continues to be overflowing with things to do, I make a priority to make sure I spend time with friends. It’s not always easy, and it takes an investment of time and energy, but its one that is well worth the effort.

So no matter if you are drowning in diapers or talk back teenagers, I encourage you to reconnect with your old friends and develop new friendships. Take 30 seconds out of your day to text a friend and make a date to get together, pick up the phone and talk to one of your friends instead of just staring at her life on Instagram. Most importantly, take time to thank God for your friends and pray for them.

Friendship is a treasured gift from God, and when it is centered on Him, it can be one that lasts forever. As St. Francis de Sales reminds us, “Truly it is a blessed thing to love on earth as we hope to love in Heaven, and to begin that friendship here which is to endure forever there.”

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Authentic Love

Yesterday we visited a church other than our own, based solely on our insane schedule and the fact that they have a 7:00 p.m. Mass. The music was amazing, with guitars, trumpets, harmony, piano, and a violin. The homily, though, got me thinking about Jesus and authentic love in marriage.

Authentic Love: What Is It?

Authentic love is the love of God; that which we strive to duplicate. It’s God sending his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life (see John 3:16). It’s Jesus dying for us on that cross. And it’s laying down one’s life for one’s friends (John 15:13).

Authentic Love: Thoughts from a Priest

The priest last night, Fr. T, challenged us. How many times do we say “I love you” in a day? How many times do we mean them from the heart? Have these words become only that–just words?

Fr. T also said that it is impossible to separate love of God and love of neighbor. They are one and the same, and all spring from the same place: God’s love. God’s love is Christ sacrificed, he said; therefore, we too are called to sacrificial love.

Authentic Love in Marriage

What does this look like in our marriages?

It looks like doing the dishes when you don’t want to; skipping the latte you want to put the money towards a gift for your husband. It means making the coffee every single day because it brings a smile to your spouse.

Authentic love means listening to a subject about which you care nothing because your spouse is so into it. It means laying down your life for your spouse, if need be.

Think about that.

Authentic Love & Responsibility 

Fr. T cautioned us from taking the phrase “I love you” lightly, stating that if we love Jesus then it should be evident through our actions of love: love of God and love of neighbor.

It reminds me of that song, “They’ll Know We Are Christians,” but he’s absolutely right.

How do you make your love authentic?

FIAT: Faith in All Things Chatting with Not So Formulaic’s Ginny Kochis

Hello, lovelies! Today we’re super excited to have our friend Ginny on the podcast!

#CoolCatholicWomen List-Maker Ginny Kochis of Not So Formulaic
#CoolCatholicWomen List-Maker Ginny Kochis of Not So Formulaic

Ginny blogs at Not So Formulaic about being a homeschooling mama and a Catholic woman. We’ve linked to her stuff before and we highly recommend that you check out her blog. You can also read about why we think she’s such a Cool Catholic Woman here.

Ginny and Kristi chat about blogging, writing, family literacy, and gifted and talented children all across the spectrum. It’s a delightful 15 minute conversation.

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, kombucha, cocoa, or bone broth (whatever tickles your fancy!) and join Kristi & Ginny in conversation!

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Have a great weekend!