Feminine Genius: the Gift of Sensitivity

This post is a part of a Feminine Genius series written by four different bloggers. If you are just joining the series now and want to learn more you can start here: Introduction to the Feminine Genius Series. The series will conclude on November 27. Want more? Last week’s post was Receptivity at Little Tabernacle and next week’s will be on Generosity at Strengthen My Heart. This post features a giveaway from Rose Harrington. This giveaway is now closed. Please keep reading to find out more!


I am going to say that the topic of sensitivity is probably my favorite!  First things first I would love to explain Feminine Genius expression.

From the Endow Bible Study A Letter to Women:

“Pope Saint John Paul II instituted the adage, Feminine Genius. It speaks to a woman’s capacity to make room for “the other.” This capacity manifests itself in four different areas: receptivity, sensitivity, generosity, and maternity.”

That is a little wordy; my interpretation is that our Feminine Genius has four major topics that our true dignity as women shines in our everyday lives. How we as women use this wonderful sensitivity trait to lighten the world.

Sensitivity, according to Webster’s dictionary, is as follows:

“having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others feelings.”

I used to view being sensitive as a bad thing. When I was small, I was labeled for being sensitive and a crybaby; it wasn’t until I was an adult and saw how my sensitivity made me a better person and set me apart.

Power in Sensitivity

Sensitivity is power trait; it makes you see beyond the walls others put up. It enables you to see when a friend is hurting, a child is frustrated, or a hubby who just has a ball of anxiety in his heart. Possessing this trait is an awesome superpower. I know how cliché this sounds but I’ve said it before on the blog, and I want to say it again now anyway: “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Uncle Ben from Spider-Man.

It is true. God gave us the awesome gift to share and to offer others comfort, advice, or a voice.

Using Your Voice

I am passionate about the pro-life cause. I am a product of adoption. I grew up with an awesome family. My family and I are forever grateful to my biological mom for choosing life. She gave me a voice and an opportunity to do God’s Will.

With that one choice from her (and a lot of training from my mom), I grew up advocating for the voiceless.

I am a heavenly mother to multiple children and my hubby and I do not have any children on this earth. My voice is forever going to be for the babies that never got a chance. My voice is in constant prayers that the mothers that are choosing this hard decision will turn around and give their child up to a willing family. I know that, personally, I would take any child into my home that needed to be cared and loved on.

I want to challenge you to use your voice for good.

Sensitivity is always a good thing whether for comforting, giving Godly advice, or for fighting for basic human needs when others cannot.

It is an awesome gift and, as women, we all have this gift.


One lucky reader will win an 8×10” print which depicts Edith Stein’s quote, “The world doesn’t need what women have, it needs what women are.” Hand painted and digitized, the design is printed by a local printer on 100 lb white linen paper for a classy, elegant finish.

Sensitivity Feminine Genius Rose Harrington Giveaway Old Fashioned Girl

Katrina Harrington is the designer behind the shop, Rose Harrington. The shop began with early morning hour musings back in December 2014. It was created to fill a void that Katrina had found in the art world. She desired hand-lettered designs and prints of Scripture and inspirational quotes, but couldn’t find any. The self-taught painter decided to create the own shop as a way to offer beauty and support her family. Today she is exploring the depth of historical flower theology and Mary Gardens, leading her to create botanical rosary art. Each piece is hand painted (usually with a child on Katrina’s lap!) and printed at high quality shops in the United States. 

Check out the giveaway here on Rafflecopter! This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to our winner!

Please support this beautiful Catholic artisan and continue to join us in the Feminine Genius Series. 

FIAT: Little Miss Has Something to Share…

Hello, lovelies! In today’s FIAT: Faith in All Things podcast, Kristi is joined by her daughter, Little Miss, who has something to share with our listeners.

Last time Little Miss joined the podcast, she shared her feelings about how things had changed since her mom married Superman and talked about the St. Patrick’s Day tea she was hosting. Today she wanted to share something a bit more personal.

Fair warning, this was recorded in the early morning hours of her day, and you can hear the sleepy. That said, there are also a few times she moves away from the microphone, but fear not! Little Miss will be back in a few weeks to talk about Advent, sharing, and random acts of kindness.

For now, grab a cup of something warm and delicious and hang out with Kristi and Little Miss for a bit as she shares her news with you.

You can stream it here in the media player below, on Libsyn, or on iTunes.

Let us know what you think about her news! If you missed our post on No-Spend November or last week’s podcast (both of which were mentioned in this week’s podcast), be sure to check them out by clicking on the purple titles in this sentence.


No-Spend November

Happy First Monday in November! We’re running a challenge from our Hail Marry Hangout Facebook group this month designed to help you struggle less with the trappings of money in advance of Advent.

If you’ve been a reader for awhile, you know that we did something similar this past Lent.

What Is It?

A No-Spend month is exactly as it sounds, with a caveat. It isn’t talking about shirking all responsibility to pay bills. It’s about freezing all unnecessary and discretionary spending. 

Essentially, you will pay only your bills and what you decide is a line item for this month’s budget. I mentioned in Friday’s podcast that were moving, so we have some moving expenses as a line item. We’re already done Christmas shopping, so that isn’t on there for me, but it is for some of the ladies in the challenge group.


This looks different for everyone. We all have our reasons and shared them (as well as potential pitfalls) in our group.

We just started Week 2 today, so you can still join us if you’d like! We’d love to have you. You can join us here on Facebook.

If the timing is just terrible for you right now, being so close to the holidays, we get it. We anticipate running another No-Spend Lent challenge as well, if you want to plan ahead!

In the comments, let us know what your why for a spending freeze is or…head on over to the group and tell us there! 

FIAT: Faith in All Things Returns!

Hi, friends! We’re baaaa-aaack!!

Today’s podcast is a summary of what all we’ve had going on, and what’s upcoming, since the last FIAT in mid-September. We are so excited to be back!

Kristi is solo on this relatively short one, but she’ll be joined next week by special guest Little Miss!

Grab a small cuppa and enjoy Kristi rambling about the goings-on of the Hail Marry crew this past six weeks as well as what’s to come!

If the podcast doesn’t load, click here to stream on Libsyn or listen (and subscribe) on iTunes!

Hallowtide at Home

Hey, guys!

We’re fortunate to interact with a ton of other bloggers here at Hail Marry, and we’ve been given quite the education on Hallowtide (also called Hallowmas).

Didn’t know that was a thing? Us, either.

It’s the three days of Halloween, All Saint’s Day, and All Soul’s Day.

We haven’t really focused on these as a family in our domestic church in the past, but this year we’re planning to.


We’re fans of trick-or-treating and church festivals, so we let Little Miss choose our activity. This year, we’re serving Paleo pumpkin chili and then heading out to our parish for an event.

All Saint’s Day

We’ll begin our festivities with Mass as a family. For dinner, we are making Crock-Pot chicken and veggies, with each veggie being *representative* of a saint. Our veggies are carrots (St. Isidore the Farmer), whole mushrooms (which look just enough like eyeballs to represent St. Lucy), and cabbage (Sts. Patrick and Brigit). We are eating leftover anniversary cake for dessert (for St. Zenobius, on whose feast we were married). We’ll share a bit about each of the saints while we eat. Then we’ll pray a family litany of saints, including our patron and Confirmation saints and those saints who represent family.

All Soul’s Day
This is new for us, for sure.

We’re eating hamburgers for dinner (Burgatory!) and will create an All Soul’s candle. To do this, we bought a tall pillar candle in a clear, glass case from Target. We drew a cross on it and wrote the names of departed family and friends,  as well as the souls in Purgatory.

We’ll light the candle each night of November at dinner, pray for them all by name, and then begin dinner. We’re also going to watch Corpse Bride because it’s fun and kid-friendly and is about life and death.

How do you celebrate Hallowtide at home?