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FIAT: Faith in All Things Season 2 Premiere

It’s the FIAT: Faith in All Things Season 2 Premiere, y’all! Happy New Year! Happy First Friday! Merry Christmas (because it still is)!

Season 2 means that we’re in a new year: 2017 is gone and 2018 is here! Yay!! It also means that FIAT is celebrating its birthday. It’s been quite the year, and this one is shaping up to be even better in terms of content, so get ready for Season 2 to surpass what you’ve come to know from us!

Together Again! and Technology

For the first time in forever we’re both back on the podcast, and we had an AMAZING one recorded for you that covered a 2017 recap and an elaboration of why we’re attempting something new for our goals in 2018. But… it was eaten…thrice.

So, since technology began frustrating us greatly, today’s season premiere is a short and sweet podcast with a short and sweet message….like, REALLLLLLLLY short. Also, excuse the brief moment where allergies attempt to kill Kristi mid-broadcast.

If the player doesn’t load for you, you can stream or download the podcast on Libsyn or subscribe on iTunes.

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Drop your prayer requests in the comments, or feel free to email them (or message us on Facebook or Twitter) to us if you’d rather keep it private.

May God bless your 2018!

We’ll see you next week!

Kristi & Rachel

FIAT: Little Miss Has Something to Share…

Hello, lovelies! In today’s FIAT: Faith in All Things podcast, Kristi is joined by her daughter, Little Miss, who has something to share with our listeners.

Last time Little Miss joined the podcast, she shared her feelings about how things had changed since her mom married Superman and talked about the St. Patrick’s Day tea she was hosting. Today she wanted to share something a bit more personal.

Fair warning, this was recorded in the early morning hours of her day, and you can hear the sleepy. That said, there are also a few times she moves away from the microphone, but fear not! Little Miss will be back in a few weeks to talk about Advent, sharing, and random acts of kindness.

For now, grab a cup of something warm and delicious and hang out with Kristi and Little Miss for a bit as she shares her news with you.

You can stream it here in the media player below, on Libsyn, or on iTunes.

Let us know what you think about her news! If you missed our post on No-Spend November or last week’s podcast (both of which were mentioned in this week’s podcast), be sure to check them out by clicking on the purple titles in this sentence.


I Can Only Imagine: A Film Review

I love the song I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. It came out when I was in high school and I knew it first as a Christian song, then a phenomenon that even the popular radio stations were playing. It played everywhere. For months.

Haven’t heard the song? Take a listen really quickly and then come right back.

Its lyrics hit home for a lot of people, and I have always loved the honesty of asking the questions of what it will be like in Heaven. I never imagined (see what I did there?) that the story behind it was so powerfully moving.

The Film: I Can Only Imagine

I was placed on a list for Christian movie previews a few years back (I’m not sure how, but I love it!) and have attended some pretty great Christian movies. I’ve also watched several cheesy ones on Netflix and through Redbox. Usually, I convince Superman to watch with me, and he does so,  expecting cheese, bad acting, and a contrived plot.

Not so with this film.

“I Can Only Imagine” is a true story, featuring real characters in real situations. It’s the story of a boy whose father is abusive. A young adult whose path is sure, but filled with the debris of his past. It’s the story of two men, experiencing the redemptive power of God’s love.

The characters have moments that made the packed preview audience laugh, audibly gasp, and cry. The emotions displayed on the screen are emotions we’ve all felt.

Now to the part my husband usually dislikes most: the acting. Simply put, it was stellar. Broadway’s J. Michael Finley stars as Bart Millard and the man is a vocal powerhouse. He’s funny, relatable, and (dare I say?) a bit quirky. His Bart is raised by Dennis Quaid’s Arthur. Dennis Quaid is a fine actor and this film proves no exception. Other players are Trace Adkins, Cloris Leachman, and Madeline Carroll.

When Can You Watch It?

You have a while before “I Can Only Imagine” comes out (March 16, 2018), but please do yourself a favor and go see it. As Christians, it’s a story that we all need to be reminded of what Jesus can do. As Catholics, the timing of the release of this redemption film, during Lent, is ideal.

It’s early now, but as we approach the release date, we’ll be rerunning this post. It really is such a good film; better than I had imagined. I hope you’ll check it out! In the meantime, head over to the movie website and explore. In the comments, we’d love to know what you think about the song, as well.

CWBN Blog Hop: Why Rachel Loves Our Catholic Faith

I was sitting perfectly still and listening to the beautiful voices singing City of God. I sat there and was thinking how wonderful is God to make people have beautiful voices and to sing about him. I was 6 at the time and really had no idea how my faith would grow into a deep and meaningful relationship with God. There are so many points that I want to shout it out to the whole wide world on why I love my Catholic faith. Seeing as how we don’t have all the time in the world, I am just going to jot down a few of the main things that I love.

We have a forgiving God.

God is so loving and understanding that he calls for conversion and penance. When my heart is heavy with my sins, I take a good hard look at my conscience. It teaches me to really take responsibility for my actions and make the decision to try and live better. When I confess my sins, I feel that my heart is lighter and it teaches me to focus on trying to do better going forward. I truly love that we get the chance to continue working with God to make ourselves better.

God gave us the gift of prayer.

I love all of our rich, traditional prayers. I love that our faith has prayers that everyone knows and says in all different languages. I think there is beauty in knowing that all around the world, people are praying the same as you. I also love praying when it’s just God and me. My personal relationship with God is so much stronger when I spend time with him and in his word. Having adoration and sitting in front of the holy presence is not only calming but to be able to praise God…? Wow. My childhood priest always said that humbling yourself in front of the Lord is the beginning foundation of  great communication with God.

“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God” St. John Damascene

I LOVE our Mass service.

I love going to Mass. It is the highlight of my week. I love the aspect that the Mass is the same throughout the world. Another amazing and wonderful thing is that I get to receive the body and blood of Christ. I’m also able to have fellowship with others sharing the same experience. I love celebrating all of our sacraments. Receiving Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is something so extraordinary and special. When we give offer one another the sign of peace, I’m actively spreading God’s love to my church family, which inspires having a sense of community and sharing the Good News throughout the week.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the participating posts in this month’s hop at Reconciled to You.

The Mass Box

As you can see from our featured image and its caption, we have been the lucky recipients of a monthly box from The Mass Box. It’s pretty great, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

As busy American women, life is hectic. We’re wives. And moms. We’re workers (whether at an office away from home, an office within the home, or the kitchen and bedrooms) regardless of employment status. We’ve got a lot going on, and if you’re anything like me, your domestic church has seen better days by this time of the year; especially now that it’s ordinary time again!

Enter The Mass Box.

About The Mass Box

I love that this company started as a family and is now run by moms, dads, and young adults. It was founded because founders Ashley & Raymond felt pulled to do more with their three young children (five and younger). The kids struggled to behave at Mass (sound familiar?). They found that on the rare occasion they could prepare ahead of time with a craft, things went more smoothly. Ashley’s background is TV production, so the family decided to conduct a 100-family “trial run” of The Mass Box, which included a children’s show and companion materials.

How’d that work for them? According to their About Us page, they “now send out kits to hundreds of families and produce the show for every Sunday and Holy Day!” That’s so awesome!

Mass Box

They have a simple mission: “We at the Mass Box are a team of moms and dads and young adults passionate about passing the faith on to the next generation.” They continue to do this through the collection and distribution of  the craft materials you’ll need alongside a webisode craft show that will demonstrate how to make the crafts and talk about the Mass topics that correlate.

A Photo Tour: Inside Our Mass Box

Little Miss was psyched (to put it mildly) that we’d have crafts to do together that related to the Mass. I was excited to see what the hype was all about.

The Mass Box
This is what the box looked like immediately upon my opening it. That’s a really nice, high-quality booklet there with activities that extend the crafts. SO COOL!


The Mass Box
This is EVERYTHING that was in the box for May. It had each craft organized in a lovely zip-closure baggie with a label (it’s foolproof!), which I appreciated. Little Miss was most excited for the “Bee” Not Afraid craft.

How Can I Get One?!

You know you’re thinking it…

  1. Visit The Mass Box  and sign up for their newsletter to get 10% off! (Right?! That’s a WIN!)
  2. Decide which subscription plan fits your family. They have a One-Child Kit, a Sibling Kit, and a Trio Kit. Each kit has its own base price to start.
  3. Select the frequency you’ll pay for (available in Month-to-Month, 3-Month Prepay, or 12-Month Prepay).
  4. Check out and get excited for what’s coming your way!
Mass Box
Here’s the completed crafts from the May box. Aren’t they just adorable?!

They also have things available for a one-time purchase: a family Paschal Candle Kit ($19.95) and a comic/activity book/DVD called Catholic Investigators: Church Mission, which familiarizes kiddos with items in the church ($10.00).

If these aren’t your thing, exactly, but your kiddos like to read, they’ve got you covered there, too. They’ve got a monthly magazine for kids ages 4-8. You can purchase this via a 3-Month Prepay ($5.32/issue) or a 12-Month Prepay ($4.97/issue).